Writing Norwegian Vowels

One of the challenges of learning Norwegian is how to write the Norwegian vowels æ, ø and å.

Whereas ø and å is fairly easy to write if you are writing by hand, æ is slightly more difficult. You will soon discover that Norwegians have many different ways of writing this letter. The easiest is probably just to contract a and e together to look something like this:



Typing Norwegian Vowels

When it comes to typing these Norwegian vowels, you have a couple of options:

•  changing your keyboard language
•  using decimal codes

Changing your keyboard usually involves downloading an additional keyboard driver. This is a fairly simple process. However, as the layout of the Norwegian keyboard is slightly different from most other keyboards, you might find this confusing (and annoying).

A much easier way of typing the letters are by using decimal codes. For Windows computers, all you have to do is:

•  ensure that your “NumLock” key is on
•  hold the “ALT” key down
•  enter the decimal code (see below) using the numeric keypad
•  release the “ALT” key

Your letter should now appear. The decimal codes to use are:

•  æ = ALT + 0230
•  Æ = ALT + 0198
•  ø = ALT + 0248
•  Ø = ALT + 0216
•  å = ALT + 0229
•  Å = ALT + 0197

If you are a Mac user, all you have to do is use the “OPTION” key:

•  æ = OPTION + ‘ (apostrophe)
•  Æ = Shift + OPTION + ‘ (apostrophe)
•  ø = OPTION + o
•  Ø = Shift + OPTION + o
•  å = OPTION + a
•  Å = Shift + OPTION + a

Lykke til!

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