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Online Norwegian ClassesFirst of all, welcome to our blog where we aim to discuss all things Norwegian!

Having taught Norwegian for many years to nationals from a wide range of countries, we have been asked all sorts of questions about Norway and Norwegians. We therefore thought we would start a blog where we answer some of the most commonly asked questions we have encountered.

In addition, we also wanted to share some of the many study tips we have accumulated over the years, both with regards to general language acquisition as well as preparation for language proficiency exams.

Living abroad, it can be hard to find good Norwegian language books. So, we have put together some pages giving you tips and advice on which books to buy when studying Norwegian. We have also made sure that all the recommended language books can be shipped world-wide.

When studying a foreign language, most learners would also like to learn something about the country’s culture and traditions. Norwegians love their culture and their traditions and we will love sharing some of them with you.

So, why a blog in English? Well, having discussed it, we felt that in order to reach learners at as many different language levels as possible, English would be the best option. But who is to say that we will not slip in the odd bit of Norwegian here and there?

We would love to receive feedback and comments on our blog posts as well as suggestions for topics we can discuss.

We look forward to hearing from you all!

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