Praktisk norsk 1 og 2

Praktisk norsk are workbooks designed for learners studying Norwegian as a foreign language.

These practical workbooks have been developed to complement any Norwegian language programme leading to Norskprøven.

Praktisk norsk 1 is aimed at learners studying for Norskprøven at level A1/A2, whereas Praktisk norsk 2 is aimed at Norskprøven A2/B1.  The workbooks are suitable for learners on language streams (spor) 2 or 3.


Praktisk norsk 1 (A1/A2)

This first  workbook in the series is divided up into 10 units. Each unit deals with one particular topic. The exercises are based on this variety of topics which include family, work, transport, food and numbers, etc.

Each unit has an oral section which contains exercises similar to the ones learners will encounter during the oral part of Norskprøven.

In addition, each unit also has a section which contains the listening exercises. These exercises are accompanied by free online audio material which can be access from the publisher’s webpage.

At the end of each unit, there is a short knowledge check.

Praktisk norsk 1, Workbook (ISBN 9788202403249)


Praktisk norsk 2 (A2/B1)

This second and last book in the series is divided up into 12 units. Each unit deals with one particular part of speech as well as sentence structures.

The vocabulary used is fairly simple and is related to daily life.

This practical workbook contains simple grammar explanation interspersed by exercises. It gives a systematic overview over Norwegian grammar and sentence patterns. Each unit also contains a knowledge check at the end.

The workbook is intended to be a support to other language programmes. It can be used either as an introduction to Norwegian grammar or as a means of expanding learners’ existing knowledge of Norwegian grammar.

Praktisk norsk 2, Workbook (ISBN 9788202403256)


Other Resources

Both books in the Praktisk norsk series is accompanied by free online material. Each unit of the books is supplemented by a wide range of interactive exercises that are self-correcting.

Learners can also download each of workbook answer keys from the online area.