Finding a Good Norwegian Dictionary

There is a wide range of dictionaries available for students wanting to learn Norwegian. However, sometimes it can be difficult to pick the right Norwegian dictionary. If you are taking Norwegian classes, you could ask your teacher to recommend some books for you.

However, for many students living outside of Norway it may be difficult to join a Norwegian class, so we have decided to include a blog article where we review some of the Norwegian dictionaries alternatives on the market and give you our recommendations.

Online Norwegian Dictionary

A good Norwegian dictionary is a must for anyone studying a language. There are a number of free online dictionaries available which may be good for looking up the odd word or two. However, in our opinion, they are not really suitable when you are studying to learn a language.

Having said that, there is one exception that we would like to mention: Bokmålsordboka/Nynorskordboka. This is an online Norwegian-Norwegian dictionary which gives you a comprehensive explanation of any Norwegian word that you search. It also has the added advantage that you can choose if you want to use Bokmål or Nynorsk.

If you are looking for a paid online dictionary, one of the online dictionary packages from ordnett may be a good solution for you.

Norwegian Dictionary Recommendation

If you are serious about learning Norwegian, we suggest you stay away from the phrase books and pocket dictionaries as they, in our opinion, will not take you very far. So, which Norwegian dictionary should you invest in? Well, that depends on your budget. Depending on your mother tongue, there is a wide range of Norwegian dictionaries available, the majority of them being Norwegian-Norwegian or English-Norwegian.

One of the key things to look out for when choosing a dictionary is the number of headwords (oppslagsord) – you would probably want as many as possible. You should also be aware that most Norwegian dictionaries do not come with phonetics.

So where to get your dictionary? There is a reasonable selection available on Amazon. However, if you are serious about studying the language, you may want to consider one of the dictionaries from Haugen Bok. They are the biggest online bookseller in Norway and they also ship world-wide.

Buying a Norwegian Dictionary – Conclusion

So, to conclude, a good Norwegian dictionary is a must when you are studying a language. If you are not sure which dictionary to pick, you are of course always welcome to contact us directly and we will be more than happy to advise you on a suitable Norwegian dictionary for your needs.

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