Norwegian Career Focus Courses

Norwegian career focus courses cover levels: A1 – B2

Ideal for professionals who want to improve their Norwegian communication skills in a work environment.

Our Norwegian Career Focus courses incorporate career-specific Norwegian vocabulary and contexts. They also immerse learners in the four key language components:

  • reading,
  • listening,
  • speaking and
  • writing.

Norwegian Career Focus Courses: Course Features

All our Norwegian courses that focuses on work specific vocabulary are aligned to CEFR. In fact, each Norwegian CEFR level incorporates a number of core topics. In addition, learners can add topics according to their particular profession and needs.

All of our Norwegian courses include features such as:

  • a variety of realistic Norwegian reading passages
  • career-specific Norwegian dialogues
  • Norwegian reading and listening comprehension checks
  • extensive Norwegian vocabulary terms and phrases
  • guided Norwegian speaking and writing exercises

Some of our most popular tailored courses include:

  • Norwegian for healthcare professionals
  • Norwegian for the hotel and catering industry
  • Norwegian for business people
  • Norwegian for the tourism industry
  • Norwegian for the building industry
  • Norwegian for the oil and gas industry

Norwegian Career Focus Courses: Course Types

We are currently offering our Norwegian Career Focus Courses as 1-to-1 tuition and they include:

  • initial free assessment
  • flexible scheduling
  • native Norwegian tutor
  • supplementary Norwegian study material*

Group Courses
If you are two or more people wanting to study Norwegian together for one of our Norwegian Career Focus Courses, we can arrange for group tuition as well.

Course Enquires

For any questions you may have about our Norwegian Career Focus Courses or any of our other Norwegian courses, please contact us using our Enquiry Form.


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