Norsk grammatikk

Norsk grammatikk gives a systematic overview over Norwegian grammar.

The grammar programme is aimed a adult learners who is studying Norwegian as foreign language.  The programme consists of a theory book and an accompanying workbook.

Norsk grammatikk is aligned to CEFR at B1-C1 and is suitable for learners at language streams (spor) 2 and 3.


The Components of Norsk grammatikk

The theory book requires some prior knowledge of Norwegian. It clearly describes the structures and patterns of Norwegian grammar viewed from a non-native perspective.

The first part of the theory book deals with the different parts of speech. The main inflection patterns and grammar rules are presented. The emphasis is on how to practically apply the various grammar uses.

The last part of the theory book deals with sentence structures and sentence building. Learners get to see grammar in practice, used from different viewpoints which gives the opportunity to revise complex grammar points.

Teachers of Norwegian as a foreign language will also find the theory book useful.

The accompanying workbook gives learners the opportunity to delve deeper into the grammar points. By using the workbook in parallel with the theory book, learners will get to practise grammar rules through practical use.

  • Norsk grammatikk, Theory Book (ISBN: 9788202292546)
  • Norsk grammatikk, Workbook (ISBN: 9788202292553)


Other Resources

The grammar programme is supported by free online material. The online material consists of a number of interactive exercises. Learners can also access the answer key to the workbook here.