Klart det!

Klart det! is ideally suited for learners studying for Norskprøven at level B1/B2.

This is an exciting language programme for adult learners studying Norwegian as a foreign language. It has been designed to give a gradual progression from level B1 to B2, and prepares learners for Norskprøven (B1/B2) or Bergenstesten (Bestått-B2).

The language programme is fully aligned to the CEFR. It covers all the learning objectives for level B2, and is suitable for learners on both language streams (spor) 2 or 3.


The Components of Klart det!

The textbook consists of 3 sections, and each section contains 3 lessons. Each lesson is clearly divided into a text section and a grammar section. The text part contains a number of reading texts, many of them authentic texts.

The back of the textbook contains a mini grammar, giving short and concise details about the grammar covered by the language programme.

The workbook works in tandem with the textbook and reinforces the language learning process really well. Each unit also contains exercises that are specific to Norskprøven/Bergenstesten. Learners preparing for an exam will find the sections on the writing tips and advice especially useful.

If you intend to do our Norskprøven self-study course at level B1/B2, you will need Klart det!. The basic package we recommend you get is:

  • Klart det!, Textbook (ISBN: 9788211021724)*
  • Klart det!, Workbook (ISBN: 9788211021731)
  • Klart det!, Learner CD (ISBN: 9788211022943)*

* The textbook and learner CD also form part to the digital resources (see below). Access to the digital resources can be purchased on an annual basis. The workbook does not form part of the digital material and must be purchased separately.


Additional Resources

The language programme is also accompanied by some additional free, online exercises. The interactive, online material includes:

  • vocabulary exercises
  • grammar exercises
  • pronunciation exercises

Other resources include a Teacher’s Guide, CDs with listening exercises and progress tests.


Digital Resources

The learning programme also consists of a number of digital components that can be accessed for an annual fee. For learners, these components consists of:

  • Audio material consisting of all the texts in the textbook
  • Listening exercises for the workbook
  • Answer key for the workbook
  • A digital version of the textbook

For further information about the digital material and to buy access, please contact the publisher directly on: digital@fagbokforlaget.no.