Her på berget

A versatile language programme targeting candidates sitting several different Norwegian proficiency exams.

Her på berget is an engaging and interesting language programme. The new 2016 edition has been target at learners who are studying for:

  • Norskprøven at level B2
  • Test i norsk – høyere nivå (Bergenstesten)
  • Norwegian for International Students, Level 3: exam for international students at Norwegian universities (“Trinn 3″)

The majority of the material is at B2 level, but the language programme also includes material at level C1. This particular feature makes this language programme ideal for anyone wanting to pass Bergenstesten with “Godt bestått” (C1).


The Components of Her på berget

The textbook consists of 13 comprehensive units discussing different topics. The texts covers different genres, including narrative text, dialogues, factual information, advertising, etc.

Learners will find the “Hvordan kan jeg si det?” section at the beginning of the textbook particularly useful. In this section, the authors have collected a wide range of phrases and expressions. Learners will find these extremely useful when expressing themselves in Norwegian, whether in writing or while speaking.

The workbook contains a variety of exercises to the units in the textbook. Each unit also has a separate section on writing, including sample texts as well as tips and advice on how to write different styles of texts.

If you intend to do our Bergenstesten self-study course at level B2 or C1, we recommend you get the following study material:

  • Her på berget, Textbook (ISBN: 9788202472580)
  • Her på berget, Workbook (ISBN: 9788202472597)
  • Her på berget, Learner CDs (ISBN: 9788202472610)


Additional Resources

The language programme is also accompanied by additional free, online exercises. The online portfolio for learners consists of a number of interactive exercises which reflects the topics and material covered in the textbook and workbook. There are also some listening exercises.

Other resources include a Teacher’s Guide and Teacher’s CDs. There is also an online portfolio for teachers.