Håndbok i Grammatikk og Språkbruk

A tried and tested grammar reference book for learners of Norwegian as a foreign language.

Håndbok i grammatikk og språkbruk is ideally suited for learners at levels B2 and C1. It contains an overview of the Norwegian language systems with explanations. The accompanying examples clearly demonstrate practical use of the Norwegian language.

The grammar reference book and be used independently of any other language programme. It can also be a practical aid for learners studying Norwegian as a foreign language and who wish to sit Norskprøven (B1/B2) or Bergenstesten (B2/C1).

Håndbok i grammatikk og språkbruk is divided into 4 main sections:

  • Part 1: Word classes (i.e. the different parts of speech)
  • Part 2: Sentences and parts of sentences
  • Part 3: Word formation
  • Part 4: Use of language

Many Norwegian teachers will also find this book useful as a grammar reference.


Other Components of Håndbok i Grammatikk og Språkbruk

Unfortunately, this Norwegian grammar book does not come with a separate workbook. However, it does come with online support material.

The online, interactive support material can be found on the publisher’s portfolio page for håndbok i grammatikk og språkbruk. It consists of a number of interactive exercises that complement the grammar reference book very well.

In fact, every exercise is clearly cross-referenced with a page in the reference book, making it easy to read up on the grammar point before attempting the exercise itself.