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This preparation course for “Test i norsk – høyere nivå, bokmål”, also called Bergenstesten, is self-study course which is built up around the language programme called “Her på berget”.

It is aimed at learners wishing to pass Bergenstesten at level B2/C1 (Bestått/Godt bestått).

The course is divided into two sections:

Bergenstesten (B2/C1) which follows the “Her på berget” language programme, and
Bergenstesten (ENG) which is an in-depth programme designed to give you a deeper understanding of how to tackle Bergenstesten.

You will be able to navigate between the two sections from the sidebar. As you work through the material, you will be given clear instructions on when you need to access the more in-depth section.

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Over the years, we have found that many learners are jumping from one language resource to another without any structure or plan in place. This in turns, often causes them to busying themselves studying without actually learning.

To combat this, we have decided to “drip-feed” the material on a weekly basis. This will ensure that you will make steady, reliable progress through the material. It will also allow you to consolidate what you learn.

If you feel you want to progress faster through the material, you can contact us with your request.

Course Structure

For lessons 1 and 2, we have included the audio for the textbook as well as embedded PDFs of the textbook and workbook. We have done this so you can get a feel for how the course works with the “Her på berget” language programme. From lesson 3 onwards, you will be required to have your own books and audio material to get the most out of the course.

We have also included a number of “speak and record yourself” exercises throughout the course. Even if you are not doing the oral part of Bergenstesten, these are important exercises to complete.

When you are speaking, you are consolidating your knowledge of the language. Language points such as word order and tenses are much easier to get right when you write and have time to look and reflect on what is on paper. When answering a question orally, this becomes more difficult. You will find that your writing will actually improve by doing the spoken exercises.

To record your progress through each section of the course, make sure to click the “Mark Complete” button at the bottom of each lesson. The system will then keep track of your completed lessons.

So, to kick this course off – go to the module called “Introduction” in this section of the course!

We hope you enjoy the course and would like to wish you good luck with your studies!

The Bergenstesten Team
@ Online Norwegian Classes


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