Introduction to the Norwegian Alphabet

We are looking in detail at the Norwegian alphabet. We have also included an interactive exercise so you can learn the Norwegian alphabet.

Norwegian Traditions: Juletrefest

Once Christmas Eve is over, Norwegian children can look forward to more celebrations in the form of “juletrefester”. We take a closer look at this century old tradition.

Advent in Norway

Advent is the waiting period leading up to Christmas. It is an old Norwegian tradition to mark the Advent time by lighting candles every Sunday while singing.

Finding a Good Norwegian Dictionary

There is a wide range of dictionaries available for students wanting to learn Norwegian. However, sometimes it can be difficult to pick the right Norwegian dictionary. We are looking at a few alternatives.

Writing Norwegian Vowels

One of the challenges of learning Norwegian is how to write the Norwegian vowels æ, ø and å. We look at how you can write them either by hand or when typing.

Learn Norwegian: Bokmål or Nynorsk?

So, you have decided to learn Norwegian and now you are wondering which form of Norwegian to study: Bokmål or Nynorsk? We take a quick look at the pros and cons of either form.

A Short History of the Norwegian Language

Norway is a country of dialects which can initially make it very hard for foreigners settling in the country. We are taking a quick look at how the Norwegian language developed to what we know today.

Welcome to Online Norwegian Classes

Welcome to our blog where we aim to discuss all things Norwegian! We will give study tips as well as exam preparation tips. Norwegian culture and traditions will also be covered.

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