About Bergenstesten

“Test i norsk – høyere nivå” is more commonly known as Bergenstesten and is a Norwegian language proficiency test for non-native speakers of Norwegian.

Bergenstesten is aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and reports on levels B2 and C1.

The test is held three times a year. You can find more information on the test dates and test centres on the website of Folkeuniversitetet.

Bergenstesten consists of a written test (5 parts) and an oral test (3 parts). Many third-level institutions and employers will only require the written test. However, you should always you check the requirements in advance.

Bergenstesten: The Written Test

The written test is aimed at non-native speakers who wish to study in Norway at third-level institutions or apply for a job in Norway. The written test is held independently of the oral test, which takes place at different dates.

In total, the written takes approx. 6 hours and it is divided into two main sections. There is a 20 to 30 minute break between the two main sections.

Section 1
Part 1: Reading comprehension
Part 2: Listening comprehension (dialogues and short announcements)
Part 3: Summary writing (of a recorded interview that is played)

Section 2
Part 4: Grammar (vocabulary and expressions)
Part 5: Written composition

Bergenstesten: The Oral Test

The oral test is mainly aimed at healthcare workers and other non-native speakers who wish to study in Norway at third-level institutions or apply for a job in Norway. The oral test is held independently of the written test, which takes place at different dates.

The test consists of three parts, which measure different aspects of spoken Norwegian:
Part 1: Oral production – Description
Part 2: Oral production – Expressing own opinion and presenting one’s reasons
Part 3: Oral interaction – Interaction/discussion

Bergenstesten: Getting the Certificate

Your Bergenstesten certificate will be sent out approx. six to eight weeks after you took the exam. The certificate will be sent by post and you will not receive a statement of results prior to receiving the certificate.

You will receive a grade for each of the different parts of the Bergenstesten. You can receive the following results: “Ikke bestått” (no pass), “Bestått” (pass = B2) and “Godt bestått” (high pass = C1).

Bergenstesten: Taking the Test Abroad

It is possible to take Bergenstesten abroad and it is administered twice a year, in April and October.

In addition to the normal test fee, candidates may be required to pay an extra fee for having the text administered abroad. This fee will be set by the approved institution, which is carrying out the test.

Approved institutions are:

  • Norwegian embassies and consulates
  • Norske Sjømannskirker
  • Universities that meet the criteria

If you would like to sit Bergenstesten abroad, you should email Folkeuniversitetet directly: sbo@fu.no.

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