General Norwegian Self-study Course

Norwegian Levels: A1 – A2

Our General Norwegian self-study course is ideal for anyone looking to learn Norwegian for everyday life.

The self-study course flexible design allow you to study at your own pace and at a time and place that is convenient for you.

Norwegian self-study courses are an affordable and efficient way of learning Norwegian. Their flexible design makes it as close to having your own personal tutor as possible with a self-study course.

Do you want extra support? Book live tutor support on a pay-as-you-go basis, if you

  • want extra speaking practice
  • help with pronunciation
  • feed-back on your writing
  • need some extra support with a particular lesson
  • want general help and advice


How Our General Norwegian Self-study Course Works

Our General Norwegian self-study course is designed to accompany carefully chosen language resources for non-native speakers of Norwegian.

Once you log into your personal “virtual classroom”, you will be able to access:

  • A detailed study-plan
  • Instructional presentations/videos
  • Comprehensive grammar explanations and interactive exercises
  • A wide range of topic-based interactive exercises
  • A wide range oral exercises
  • Numerous interactive writing exercises
  • Knowledge checks and progress tests at regular intervals
  • Useful study and exam tips
  • Submission of self-produced oral and written texts (an extra fee will incur)

All our study-plans, instructions, explanations, etc. are in English. All the recommended language material is in Norwegian. However, we will provide translations where necessary.


How to Sign-up for the General Norwegian Self-study Course

Just complete these two easy steps and start studying Norwegian straight away:

  1. Purchase the appropriate textbook, workbook and audio material (if you do not already have the material).
  2. Sign-up for our General Norwegian self-study course and start studying.

Our General Norwegian self-study course has introductory material, which allows you to start studying Norwegian before you receive your textbook, workbook and audio material.


Enquiry Form

For any questions you may have about our General Norwegian Self-study Course or any of our other Norwegian courses, please contact us using our Enquiry Form.

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